Saturday, 27 August 2011


KUPANG, INDONESIA--- Sacrifice Mekarsari mussels rape, street people Oebonik I RT 02 RW 01, Kelurahan Sikumana, rather digauli people who do not know.

Relah Mekarsari ditiduri because in order to save his parents from the threat of assassination from people that are not known, this peritiwa occurred Wednesday (24/08/2011). Mekarsari with the new parents to report such a case, the mussels polres city on Thursday (08/25/2011) at about 21:30 PST.

Mekarsari in the report as a sacrifice to polis tells of rape, the offender contacted by mobile phone. In the hearing, the offender threatened to harm victims, saying that parents and families of the victims to shame, if not want to follow the will of performers.

Dicelakai parents for fear of actors, performers meet korbanpun following call in number five oil chief. After the meeting, the offender then rode the sacrifice to TKP . Arrive in TKP, direct perpetrators of rape victims.

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