Friday, 8 February 2013


Singapore Straits Times sneers at BN’s nationwide road shows but boosts DAP’s catchy campaign for first time voters. 
  Carolyn Hong from SST Malaysia Bureau Chief continues infusing two infectious articles.   
  1. She began furnishing her article with ridicules and praises on PM Najib  for bragging his achievements at road shows. Then she rattled her insincere thoughts that PM Najib sent letters in Selangor to appeal for their votes.   
  1. This mentally disturbed ill-feeling woman conspired with the opposition barking political analyst from Singapore Ooi Kee Beng, the deputy director of Singapore Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. He claimed that it is the strong allies that strengthen Umno from erosion.  
  1. Then she jumped to an irrelevant instance spreading her lies to SST readers about the wasteful spending of D S Rosmah Mansor.   
  1. She dug in a murky shit senselessly about 2006 murder of Mongolian national Altatunya Shaariibun, whom she alleged that PM Najib has denied knowing about it.  
Carolyn Hong is a woman full of evil thoughts. She can pose herself like hospitable host, serve a guest whom she hates with a cup of coffee creamer and sneakily drips a few drops of poisonous liquid into the coffee cup for her guest.  

  1. In the second article entitled “DAP ‘change mobiles’ to rev up buzz in final lap”, she lashed again at Umno women’s chief Shahrizat Jalil. She reiterated her way of scattering the past incident by Umno women’s chief family alleging an involvement in the ‘cows and condos’ scandal.  
  1. Her motive for writing the above incident is to recall and to expose repeatedly to pro-opposition voters, but treacherously she hides all the scandals, the corruptions, the criminalities of DAP party leadership.   
  1. She is delighted by the irrational political analyst P.Sivamurugan from University Sains Malaysia, also the master mind for pro-opposition who relishes brainwashing readers on the importance of war of perception between two political rivals.   
She will flash herself nude on high strung down-trodden, she will groan painfully owing to mentally and emotionally disturbed however, should she expose the murky garbage of the DAP in the SST which finally leads to the impending loss of Opposition in the upcoming election.

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